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Extensive experience as a Project Manager, Systems Designer, Systems Analyst, Database Administrator, Technical Writer, Quality Assurance Administrator, and Programmer with e-commerce, internet publishing, electronic records management (ERM), workflow management, retailing, insurance, banking, securities, real estate, finance, accounting, manufacturing, entertainment, and systems software applications. Responsible for the design, development and implementation of large-scale systems, upgrades and conversions on the Internet and the WWW, client-server environments, mainframes, and PCs.

Internet and WWW -- E-Commerce, Databases for Application Service Providers, Internet Publishing, Visual Studio, HTML, PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, RealPlayer, IRC, FTP, search engines, UseNet Newsgroups, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Active Server Pages (ASP), VBScript, JavaScript, exposure to Perl.

PC SOFTWARE -- Windows 2000, Windows95/98/NT, MS SQL, MS Project, RoboHelp, Client/server environments, Visual BASIC, MS Access, MS Word, Excel, Tower TRIM Context, Tower Top Drawer, Desk Top Publishing, RDBMS, Telecommunications and E-mail software, UNIX, Internet protocols, exposure to Oracle, C++, Java.

MAINFRAME HARDWARE -- IBM 43xx, IBM 303x, Amdahl, DEC VAX, and many others.




Publisher of Betsy Speicher's CyberNet, an email news service with over 500 paid subscribers and its companion pay-per-view web site. The site, written in Perl, contains graphics and advertising, has a search engine, automatic renewal reminders, fill-in-the-form signups, and a subscription administration system that interfaces with Excel for subscription maintenance. Subscriptions and payments are acknowledged automatically with personalized email responses.

Database Administrator and Applications Administrator for Aprisa, Inc., a start-up B2B Applications Service Provider (ASP) for Electrical Engineers. Generated management reports from the MS SQL 7.0 databases. Set up ODBC connections and pass throughs that allowed management and marketing personnel to get reports, on demand, through MS Access queries from the SQL databases. Designed and developed web pages and back end processing for their web-based virtual trade show using Visual Studio, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, and MS SQL 7.0.

Worked with Objectivist Media Services which maintains World Wide Web pages, an FTP site, and several Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels protected by "bots" set up to maintain channel security and information repositories.

Set up telecommunications scripts and protocols for Internet access on GTE CableModem (WAN), MCI Mail, Hypermall and KAIWAN (UNIX shell), PrimeNet (a SLIP/PPP interface), and other network services for myself and others. Platforms were PC's and MacIntoshes.



Was the Programming Manager responsible for maintaining all existing back-office systems for Loeb Rhoades, a large Wall Street brokerage house with operations worldwide, supervising a staff of thirteen programmers and analysts and a budget of $1.25 million. When the New York Stock Exchange changed the method and basis for calculating broker commissions, her group made major modifications to over 300 production programs. The project was completed successfully within a tight time frame -- three months.

Project Manager for the building of an interface between the CADAM graphics design system and the COPICS manufacturing control system for Lockheed. This required the modification and generation of IMS Databases, CICS screens, DMS screens and programs in COBOL and Assembly Language. Supervised a project team of seven including four Computer Science interns from Cal State Northridge. The project was completed under budget and ahead of schedule.

Designed and served as Project Manager with a staff of four for the development and installation of a Pension and Annuity Database System for the Combined Pension Funds of the IBEW union. This project was so successful that Mrs. Speicher was requested specifically by the Taxicab Industry Funds to design and implement their combined Pension and Health and Welfare Database System. The President of the union wrote a letter commending Mrs. Speicher for her work in his behalf.

Served as Project Manager and Lead Programmer for the implementation of the entire accounting cycle for Hertz Commercial Leasing Division of Hertz Corporation.

Worked on the Electronic Telex Exchange for RCA Communications. Was responsible for call processing, accounting information and disk I/O interfaces for the special purpose hardware used in the international telex network.

Project Manager and Lead Programmer for the implementation of a new Broker/Dealer Commission system for Shareholders Management Company, which sold several different mutual funds. Worked closely with SMC's accounting firm, Ernst & Ernst, to insure that the system met the legal and regulatory requirements and limits of all the states in which the funds were sold.

Designed and programmed an on-line interactive TSO Database system for Consolidated Edison which handled editing, updating, reporting and information retrieval. Working alone, Mrs. Speicher completed the entire project, from design through documentation in four weeks.

Designed and implemented Inventory Control, Sales Analysis, Accounts Receivable, Markdown Analysis and Purchase Order Analysis Programs to interface with a Point-Of-Sale Data Entry System.

Analyzed and programmed message-processing service programs and linkages to teleprocessing modules for an on-line Container Control and Booking System for U.S. Lines, a major shipping company. Coordinated programmers in the implementation of this system.

Designed and programmed a flexible Stock Market Model for the selection and maintenance of a portfolio of speculative common stocks. This system was tested under the supervision of a NYSE member firm and later expanded to handle the selection of options and short sales.

Designed and programmed a modeling-simulation study for the General Adjustment Bureau that allowed them to optimize their profits by redesigning their price structure.



Designed and programmed WRITE-ON!, a Word Processing System for the IBM PC and DBA, a programmer's documentation utility for the IBM PC. These programs were marketed nationally and internationally by Datamost, Inc.

Wrote a CD Funding Cost Analysis program on the IBM PC for the President of Southern California Savings Bank.

Converted ProForma Software's entire Tax Break tax preparation and tax planning system from the APPLE II to the IBM PC.



December 2003 - March 2004 - Breakthrough Business Systems, Inc. - Did Quality Assurance (QA) and wrote Help text for the roll-out of new features in a Benefits Administration Management software product used in hundreds of companies.

March 2003 - November 2003 - Speicher Systems - Internet marketing. (See below)

November 2002 - February 2003 - SYS Technologies - Set up Electronic Record Management (ERM) administration using Tower Software's TRIM Context -- the approved software for the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI). Involved with the marketing of ERM services, consulting, and training.

January 2002 - October 2002 - Speicher Systems - Developed the CyberNet internet-based news service to a paying subscriber base of over 500 and software and procedures for an e-commerce business specializing in the sale of collectible books and magazines through eBay, Half.com, Amazon.com, and private mailing lists.

October 2001 - December 2001 - Electronic Clearing House (ECHO, Inc.) - Analyzed and documented the ECHO Detect credit card merchant security system in preparation for its conversion from a Microsoft ASP / SQL 7.0 system to a UNIX platform with an Oracle database.

March 2001 - September 2001 - Wellpoint Pharmacy. Project Manager for the building of the End to End Test System, a mainframe and client-server test environment that models the division's operations and interfaces with similar test environments in other divisions of Wellpoint.

March 2000 - March 2001 - Aprisa, Inc. Database Administrator and Applications Administrator. Designed databases and wrote queries in MS SQL for Quality Assurance (QA) testing and database usage reporting for http://www.thecubicle.com, a multi-tiered web-based application. Created ODBC Data Source connections between MS SQL databases and MS Access and Excel.

September 1999 - February 2000 - Kaiser Permanente - Analyzed the impact of the Balanced Budget Act and Health Care Finance Administration changes on outpatient Medicare claims and reconciliation procedures for a DB2 based system. Published a document showing the impact on current systems with recommendations for necessary programming changes required to bring the Medicare Billing Systems into compliance with HCFA and HIPAA regulations.

February 1996 - August 1999 - Wellpoint - Converted hundreds of programs in the Membership, Claims, and Billing System to comply with the requirements of the Year 2000 change-over as well as the integration of acquired companies into the business of this major health insurance company. This involved modifications to databases, on-line screens, I/O subroutines, internal work areas, copybooks, and program logic. Was responsible for the development of programming, conversion, and program diagnostic tools for use in these tasks. The working environment was COBOL II, ISPF, IMS DB/DC. Also was responsible for populating the WARP corporate actuarial data warehouse with information from the 7 million contracts in the National Systems (Unicare) Membership and Billing databases.

November 1995 - January 1996 - Chicago Title Insurance. Programmed the Check Inventory System, consisting of six screens, in Microsoft Visual BASIC using Sheridan controls (3D Widgets) with SQL calls to Microsoft Access and Watcom databases.

August 1995 - November 1995 - Kaiser Permanente. Analyzed and prepared for conversion of a legacy Membership System written in COBOL using VSAM files to a new DB2 database system in a client/server environment.

February 1995 - August 1995 - Health Net. Was responsible for programming and testing of the entire Billing System for a major HMO's new business system in VAX COBOL using SQL.

August 1994 - February 1995 - National Medical Enterprises. Was responsible for enhancements to the Patient Billing and Accounts Receivable (PBAR) system using an IBM mainframe interfacing with local AS/400s.

April 1993 - August 1994 - Technicolor. Initiated the Mainframe Taskforce Project that cut the run time of batch processing by more that 60% so that Technicolor was able to keep up with their workload. Was responsible for maintenance and enhancements to the VID manufacturing control and distribution system. Was responsible for conversion of VID accounts from the PC environment and to an AS/400 environment. Used PC/Mainframe connections in a Windows Novell Networking environment

February 1991 - March 1993 - Rocketdyne. Maintained and enhanced the PRAMS on-line document control system. Built a user-friendly one-step interface that connects a variety of PC word processors and text editors running under DOS and Windows with mainframe IMS databases.

October 1990 - January 1991 - Security Pacific. Wrote specs for the integration of accounts from four acquired banks with Security Pacific's DDA system. Designed and implemented programs to produce reports required by the Resolution Trust Company.

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