Betsy Speicher's Choreography

My style of choreography is neither "ballet" nor "modern" dance, but what I call "Dramatic Dance" -- dances which have drama and passion, appeal to fundamental emotions, and express and complement their music.

My approach to the pas de deux is very strongly tied to my views on romantic-sexual relationships that I have expressed in the many articles I have written on the subject for OSG and elsewhere. I have done many pas de deux because I find no drama more interesting than the dynamics of the man/woman relationship and its themes of conquest, seduction, and surrender.

I am currently trying to find a videographer and/or filmmaker to capture my dance numbers permanently. If you are, or know, someone like that in the Southern California area please contact me. (See my postal and e-mail addresses on my Home Page.

Completed Choreography

Title: The Sculptor
Type : Pas de deux
Music: "Wrapped Around Your Finger" by The Police
Theme: Creativity: Making art, making one's own character, and making love
Dance: A sculptor creates a statue of his ideal woman and brings her to life so that he can love her -- but she has a mind of her own.

Title: The Three Dancing Girls
Type : One male dancer and three females
Music: "The Rug Merchant" by David Arkenstone
Theme: Femininity
Dance: The Prince summons three beautiful harem girls to dance for him: one is sweet and shy, one is sensual and seductive, and one is defiant. Which one will he choose?

Title: Curtain Raiser
Type : Female solo
Music: "The Club at the End of the Street" by Elton John
Theme: Having a good time with friends
Dance: An abstract improv engaging the audience and putting them in a good mood. (I performed this myself to open up the 1993 Jefferson School Talent Show.)

Title: The Explorer
Type : Pas de deux
Music: "Another Star in the Sky" by David Arkenstone
Theme: Property rights (no kidding!)
Dance: She's left her tribe and made a home for herself alone in the forest. Then one day an Explorer from a strange land finds the place and decides to stay.

Title: Dressing For A Date
Type : Female Solo
Music: "Walkabout" by Yanni
Theme: Femininity
Dance: She's dressing for a date with the most important man in her life. As she tries on different items of clothing representing different aspects of her personality, she considers what will she will wear -- and who will she be -- for him. (Very lighthearted, with a sight gag exit.)

Title: In The Air Tonight
Type : Pas de deux
Music: "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins
Theme: Developing trust and intimacy
Dance: He sees her and wants her, but doesn't want to get emotionally involved. Begins as a cool formal dance between two people distant from each other, then becomes warmer ... then hotter.

Title: New York City Rhythm
Type : Male solo primarily, with two women
Music: "New York City Rhythm" by Barry Manilow
Theme: Masculinity
Dance: Following the lyrics of the song. A man expresses the excitement of his life in the city dancing briefly with two women: a disco interlude with the Westside Sophisticate and a Latin dance with the Senorita.

Title: Who's In Charge?
Type : Pas de deux
Music: "End of Summer" by Yanni
Theme: A man/woman power struggle
Dance: She wants him on _her_ terms. He wants her on _his_ terms.
Who wins?

Title: Find A Way To My Heart
Type : Female solo
Music: "Find A Way To My Heart" by Phil Collins
Theme: The love of a woman for her man
Dance: A woman dances for her man expressing how she feels about him. (I plan to perform this myself, dedicating it to my husband in the audience.)

Title: I Am Home
Type : Female solo (can be adapted for a man)
Music: "American Hymn (Theme from East of Eden)" by Lee Holdridge ("East of Eden" soundtrack)
Theme: Discovering and enjoying the place where you belong
Dance: Abstract dance following the lyrics and mood of the song.

Title: Jump!
Type : Pas de deux
Music: "Jump!" by the Pointer Sisters
Theme: Physical activity and sexual excitement
Dance: This is a "demonstration piece" showing the importance of the upper torso, arms, posture, and face in choreography. The theme is expressed by the movements of a man and woman sitting in chairs, five feet apart, facing each other.

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